I Feel Like People Aren’t Listening to Me!

I always said the most frustrating thing when I was a child was that no one listened to me. Of course my “no one” audience was very small. And for a long time since I’ve been out of college, I feel like people DID listen to me. I don’t know what it is, but over the past six months I feel again like people aren’t listening. Like they’re composing their response before they listen to me, or are talking completely irrationally. Maybe it’s me? Maybe because it’s happening to me, I’m the one causing it.

For example, the douche at my work… No one would listen to how terrible he is. And no one wants to admit how bad he is to anyone else. So I finally stand up and say enough’s enough. And nothing changes. And I’m told I need to change my attitude. I hate it when people don’t listen. When I tried to state my case I was told “that might be a small part of it, but…” NO! I’M FUCKING TELLING YOU HE’S AWFUL!!!!!!!! At least it feels good to say here.


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