I’m Giving Up Aspartame!

OK, I know lots of people consider this a diet aide, or a good replacement for soda. I suppose it is. But since I’m back in school, I swear my memory’s going. And I blame aspartame! I’ve heard diet pop causes memory loss. And maybe I’m just getting old. But I’m convinced I need to do this.

Update: Thursday and Friday weren’t bad. Saturday I had a dull headache all day that got worse as the day went on. I finally caved and had a diet soda Saturday night. Sunday same headache, but I didn’t do much so I was able to lay down and ignore it. Monday was awful. I finally gave in and had about 4 ounces of soda. Which helped significantly. Today I had about 6 ounces and am still suffering a headache. It’s also possible these headaches are due to being sick or sinuses or something, but nothing helps. Not pain meds or sinus meds.

And for the record, I have NOT given up caffeine. So it’s not a caffeine headache.


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