Cardio Sculpt – Sorta…

Last night (11/2) I did Cardio Sculpt for the fourth time since I got my new DVD. The workout’s 55 minutes, and  a tough one to conquer, but it’s my FAVORITE Firm workout. And it’s the video I started with almost exactly eight years ago. Sheesh. Eight years ago? Anyway, I’ve made it through the whole thing one time. The other three times I’ve bailed out early. I really do feel exhausted but I think I need to get in the habit of taking a break for one set, or for a set number of minutes then get back at it. Anyway, I made it just about 25 minutes last night.

The thing I love with this video is how it switches from cardio to weights and back to cardio just as you’re sick of one thing. When your muscles are tired, you switch to cardio to kind of rest/stretch. Then you’re out of breath or bored with cardio, and you go back to weights. The problem is my physical strength is outdoing my cardio ability. So when I do squats or leg presses, they’re pretty cardio-intense when I do 10 or 12 pound weights. Which means when we switch to cardio I’m exhausted. But if I go down to 8 pound weights I’m not sore and don’t feel like I’m working hard enough…. It’s a tough call to make.

I also need way heavier weights (probably 12s or 15s for back stuff, and at least 10s for biceps, especially the seated bicep curls). Going all in on weights gets my heart going. Hum. What should I do? Part of me thinks I just need to start incorporating more walking to improve my lung capacity. Yes, walking. Not running. Not jogging. Just walking to build up some stamina. I mean a decent clip at walking. But only walking. Maybe 20 minutes a day. We’ll see how that goes! I get bored pretty easily.

I think for the month of October (I stopped counting, dang it!) I got to probably 12 workouts. Which is kind of sad, but I have to start somewhere!


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