Un-Watiress Rant. Ugh!

The last few days have been awful eating-wise, movement-wise, and mood-wise. Which means downward spiral! I got a (totally unwarranted) ticket. Had some stress at work. Am in a class group of people who annoy me. And, yes, I realize my mood is probably self-inflicted if so many people are getting on my nerves. I just finished reading the book Thanks for the Tip – Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, and had a “moment.” You know those moments where you feel completely different, and less alone? Well, maybe not less alone. It’s hard to describe. I read most of the book for entertainment. But then got to the section where he realizes he needs to quit his job. He’s angry, bitter, cynical, lashing out, etc. That’s EXACTLY how I feel. He ended up taking a new job that paid less. Of course, this was after securing a book deal. But, it also freed his mind up to write more, his real passion. I have a passion for writing and sometimes I’ll get in a groove and can write about anything. Other times, I feel like I dont’ have the time or energy to focus.

Anyway, the point is the way he described himself (lashing out at co-workers who don’t deserve it, unnecessary and unreasonable anger, less drive and motivation, exhausted, burned out, feeling like he is wasting his life and talents), is EXACTLY how I feel. My job’s more geared toward my schooling, and somewhat challenging. But mostly? I hate going to work. I know most people do.

The reason I keep going? Because it pays well. I wish I’d grow some balls (or get pushed over the edge) and hang up my apron, too! If only I were a risk taker. Well, and if only this economy didn’t suck!


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