Firm Express Cycle One: Ignite – Sculpt

Well, I over-estimated how in shape I am. Either that or these workouts are really tough! Fair disclaimer, in had several drinks last night. But there was a day when I could go for a run and once I broke a sweat, I’d feel fine. Of course I was in better shape then.

Anyway, for those of you looking for a review, I LOVED the workout! The bursts were challenging, but went relatively quickly. I love Emily, so I’m glad she was the first instructor. You start out with a warmup, then go into the first set of bursts. Each set of bursts has four eight second bursts. Each burst is followed by a 12 second recovery. Which means each burst set is 80 seconds total.

So, you do a set of bursts, then move into standing strength moves. This is followed by another standing burst. Then standing and floor work (I think – it all happened so fast!). Then a floor burst. Then standing strength. A final standing burst, in which I swear they have electronically sped up the instructors’ moves! And then you finish with floor/abs and back. Then a very brief stretch.

Overall? I loved it. It went really quickly. I love, love, love the bursts! Love them! I used to do interval running/walking because it was supposed to burn more fat than just straight walking. This reminds me of a similar setup.

I’m going to take some pictures and post an overview of what comes in the package, a few alternative ways to use the system, etc. But that’s gonna have to wait! :)

Anyone else out there doing this workout? If so, where are you in the series/what are you doing?

Oh, I’ll also be posting my starting numbers. Ugh.


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