My Firm Express is HERE!

Well, at least I assume it will be when I get home! It’s “out for delivery.” I kind of want to give my post office a Christmas gift! Wait, is that appropriate? This year’s the first year I’ve heard that people tip different service people. I don’t get why? Aren’t they paid to do their job? No one tips me for maintaining our computers. And I’m pretty sure our tellers can’t accept gifts, either. But I hear I’m supposed to tip my trash guys. I’d do it if I thought that would mean they’d pick up a big thing for free. But I know they won’t. So what’s the point? I’m paying them to pick up my trash already.

OK, sidetrack. Sorry.

Anyway, if my Firm Express is on my doorstep when I get home, I’m going to do the first video. Whatever that is! I’ll report back. Maybe not until tomorrow. I’m pretty tired. I never expected the videos to arrive today. They kept being slated as arriving on Monday, and I couldn’t get an update late last night as to their whereabouts.


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