Firm Express Ignite Cycle: Cardio

First, the good news… I was sore this morning! I haven’t been sore from a workout in a long time. Second, the even better news: I was excited to work our again. And on the slate on the calendar is card. I expected to do better with this workout since I was well rested and not fighting off a hangover.


This workout was tough! Not like confusing choreographically. But tough to complete. It again started with a warmup, and you got your heart rate up BEFORE the bursts. And those bursts didn’t disappoint.

Same setup as the first video, four sets of bursts. Each set has four bursts in it. Non-burst moves were very straight forward, and also built up, which I LOVED! This means that you would learn and do the basic moves, and each repetition it becomes tougher, and in some cases higher impact. And just as you get to the toughest repetition, you start the burst. I can totally see how these videos would improve your cardio ability.

Tomorrow: cardio sculpt. Again I’ll try to throw in the ten minute bonus video. I think I could have done it today after a short rest but had to fix a friend’s hair for a wedding and tonight have dinner plans.

Here’s to tomorrow!


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