Firm Express Week 1 (Ignite): Cardio/Sculpt

Holy hell. I’m either fantastically out of shape or these workouts are conspiring to kill me! Just finished (second attempt if you’ve been keeping up) the cardio/sculpt workout from the first week. This one was definitely the hardest so far. In fact, I’m scared of what’s in store for weeks 2-4. At least I finished. But not without feeling nauseated. And I’m so amped! I love pushing myself so hard!

This workout was similar format as the others. It used weights, obviously, but appropriately more cardio than the sculpt workout. Emily is awesome as always. I believe at one point she said don’t wuss out. And she was especially obsessed with Jenny and Rebekah’s (I forget how to spell her name, but I don’t think it’s traditional) abs. Which are amazing by the way.

There were a few up to down (I think called burpees) moves. They really get you going. And then lots of the bursts also build up from reasonable to super-challenging. Which, I should clarify, I also love!

I felt like I didn’t do as much as I could with the weights, but the push ups and squads and lunges will probably make me sore regardless.

One slightly embarrassing piece is that with all the jumping I am keenly aware of the extra weight around my middle. Yuck. Ready to be rid of that!


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