Firm Express: Kickstart Your Metabolism Video

Well, ten minutes of hell… I knew the video has bursts. But who knew it had four bursts, the same number as the twenty-minute videos, but jam-packed in ten minutes? Yeesh! Here’s how I remember it. You know, the parts I haven’t suppressed:

1. Warmup
2. Burst with weights
3. Quick four-limb
4. Burst

Repeat. The only recovery is with four-limb work, which really gets my heart rat up regardless. Luckily, by the time I was ready to concede to dying or liking, it was over.

The ab workout wasn’t as intense. As a rule, I hate ab workouts. It was nice because it wasn’t all floor work, and the dreaded fifty variations of planks (but don’t get excited, there were planks). It moved quickly from one to the next so if there was one you especially hated, it wasn’t long before it was over.

I only made it through about seven and a half minutes. Mostly because I never do abs, but have committed to them this time around, but also because I finally started sweating from the first workout when I got into this one.

The bad news? I weighed before working out. I’m UP four pounds! Ugh!!


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