Firm Direct: Cycle 2 (Accelerate) – Cardio

All the workouts are starting to blur together. Mostly because I’m going through one a day and am too exhausted after the workout to post the review. But also because the formats are so similar, which I like. I had a hard time staying on cue with this workout for some reason. I THINK it moved at a little faster pace than Emily’s cardio workout, but that could all be in my head. The thing with this workout was it felt like we waited a little longer than normal to do the first burst, and finished the last burst earlier than normal. That could also be in my head, too, but it felt like they were really close together.

There were some standing bursts, which I think I did pretty well with. And then there were some bursts where you go down to the floor. Which I did awful with. I can really feel how overweight I am when I’m trying to get up and down from the floor. The good news is, I’m motivated to keep going. (The bad news is I’m eating terribly, and blaming it on Christmas.)

I liked how at the end of each burst Rebekah (I think it was her) would scream. I’m not sure if she was actually that excited, but it made me laugh, which distracted my heart from failing. I’m sure she dresses accordingly, but Rebekah’s abs are also a huge source of motivation. I don’t have any delusions of ever having her waist, but I keep thinking, “Whatever this girl does, I wish I were like her.” (As far as eating and working out goes, everything else? I’ll take my life.)

The cardio in between bursts was easy enough to handle. The only things I had problems with was there was a lot of jumping, and my calves weren’t particularly cooperative last night. I LOVE jumping stuff, actually, so I wouldn’t give it up. But my calves were definitely feeling it. I compare it to the second week of jogging when I start back up after a long break. Usually the first week’s pretty good, but that second week is when my body starts to get more fatigued. I’m hoping to work through that by next week.

Other than that, I liked the workout. I was sweating like a wildabeast. And really got my heart rate up. After my back was sore, which has been true for every workout in this series. I think it’s because I’m jumping around with a higher than maximum capacity weight for my body. :-)


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