Firm Express: Accelerate Cycle (Cycle 2) – Sculpt

Well, I took Friday off, worked out Christmas, and took yesterday off. So I was rested and excited to workout again tonight! I rocked Rebeka’s sculpt workout. I think I like Rebekah. These are my first workouts with her. The funny thing she does is say “now listen” as she’s getting ready to switch moves. It makes me laugh, but not as much as her screaming. I did feel like I struggled with the cueing on this workout, but actually REALLY liked it. I was excited to do some real lifting, and hope to have sore legs tomorrow!

The bursts seemed a lot less challenging on this workout. I assume because it was a sculpt workout? I don’t feel like my endurance has improved that much. Some of the bursts uses weights, but I was somewhat hesitant to really get into the moves. I’m hoping next time to not feel that.

The only tiny complaint is there didn’t seem to be much of a warmup before you jump into the first burst. But that’s a minor complaint since the burst is a warmup. It wasn’t a problem since I workout at night, and my body’s plenty warm. Otherwise, the workout went fast and I really enjoyed it. I loved Emily’s cardio/sculpt. And I think so far this sculpt workout is my favorite.

That’s all I’ve got, if I’m not too sore tomorrow I’ll get in another workout. Until then!


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