Eater Beware! At P.F. Chang’s Each Meal Is Multiple Servings

I have lunch plans at P.F. Chang’s and since I’ve done well with eating so far this week (yes, I realize it’s only Tuesday), I decided I’d make an informed decision on eating. After all, the joy of eating is only WHILE you’re eating. Then after you feel guilty or bloated. Or both. Ugh. So I decided I’ll try to find something I can enjoy, even if it’s not my favorite item on the menu (Dan Dan Noodles!). I was shocked when I saw that P.F. Chang’s actually says their entrees are meant to serve three or four servings. Sheesh. Then why don’t they just serve up ONE serving? Sheesh.

(See their nutritional menu here.)

Anyway, I found a couple of decent options and am on kind of a vegetable kick lately, so I’m going to try the “Buddha’s Feast (Steamed with Brown Rice) Lunch Bowl with Hot and Sour Soup.” IF I eat all of it, it’s 500 calories. Chances are knowing I can eat the whole thing, I won’t want to. It’s how my mind works.

I’ll check back in and let you know how it goes.


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