Firm Express: Turbocharge Cycle (Cycle 3) – Cardio

Tonight I did my first of Alison’s workouts. I’m trying to remember if I have ever done her workouts before. I think I have but can’t place her. However I have been a fan of stuff she’s written and have heard her workouts are really energetic. I think she is fantasic at cueing, and really keeps the energy up and makes me feel like I can do it. In short, I love her!

And it’s a good thing I love her because she didntwaste any time getting the workout started. The whole workout was cardio-based and it really wasn’t high impact. I got a little frustrated on the choreography of some of the moves, but mostly in a “this sucks now because I, stumbling more than working out, but know I will get it in time” way.

There was a decent amount of warmup and I urial non-burst cardio (over four minutes if I remember right), and the first burst wasn’t too bad. At some point she started to use a single “light weight” for some “kettle ball” work. If I remember right, some people were really excited about her kettle ball moves with regular weights. I also liked it, nut wonder if next workout I should up the I weight.

There were some side lunges where you tougc the floor and this is where I remember my energy really kick in for this workout. I have been feeling somewhat yucky this week so I was hesitant to workout T all. But let me say without hesitation, I’m glad I worked out. I’m excited to try the rest of Alison’s workouts.

I weighed myself to ight. I’m just about at the two week mark, and I realize a lot of things go I to weight: water, time of month, any salt you’ve consumed, time of day, etc. But I am up….. Ew. Five pounds. I’m going to do my “official weigh in tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will return less depressing results. I guess we will see.

And imexcited to get back aroud to week one’s workouts. I think I feel like my endurance is already improving, but it’s really hard to know/compare.


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