Firm Express: Turbocharge Cycle (Cycle 3) – Sculpt

The last workout of cycle three! Man, this has gone fast! Unfortunately, I don’t have a pound of weight gone to show for it. Sad. The holidays WERE my excuse, but moving forward I’m going to lose 2 pounds per week. So no more excuses! Anyway, back to the workout, the topic of this discussion.

I believe I said Rebekah’s sculpt workout was my favorite sculpt workout, but now I think I want to put this sculpt workout over that one. It’s hard to compare, though, with so many workouts, and having done each only once and not back to back. But I REALLY liked this workout. I was able to heavy-up on some of the workouts, and think I’ll go even heavier next time. I need to get back to writing down which weights I used at which point in the workout so I know what will be challenging next time. The one thing I liked when I did P90X was that they made time to record the weight used and to make notes on what to use next time.

Anyway, the only thing that threw me off on this video was their clothes. Not that they were bad, but it seemed like a stark difference between the normal “Firm” workout clothes. I didn’t have a problem with it. They all still looked cute. I think it was mainly Alison’s outfit, which was a short white/off-white shirt that had 3/4 length sleeves and came off the shoulders. Matched up with a pair of black boy shorts. Again, they all looked cute like they normally do. Just for some reason it struck me as funny.

Overall, I LOVED this workout. I loved how Alison said, “This is my FAVORITE burst.” Or, “I LOVE this burst!” It’s like she’s genuinely excited about and loves working out. I’m sure all of the instructors do. But she really makes you want to love working out as much as she does. Inspiring.

I felt for sure like I was going to be sore today. So far, I’m really not that sore. Maybe a little in my upper body. There was a respectable amount of push-ups in the workout. But sometimes upper body soreness can come from sleeping wrong. Getting old is hell. ;-)


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