Firm Express: Overdrive (Cycle 4) – Sculpt

Well, here we are, the last week of the program! I rushed through it (rather than doing 3 workouts per week, I’ve been doing 4-5), so I’m not literally on my fourth week. But last night I did the first workout of the final (Overdrive) week. I am 99% sure I’ve never done a workout with Kelsie, but let me be the first to say, LOVE HER!

I also noticed for the first time the recommended weights for each workout, so I heavied up on this workout. The range was from 5-15 pounds. I used from 5-10. But am excited to work my way up. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but think Emily’s workouts were the typical Firm recommendation of 3-8 pounds. I think Rebekah’s was 8-12 (I believe hers was the heaviest week), and then Alison’s was 5-10 or something like that. I’ll have to check the weight recommendations.

I’ve found that The Firm normally does fairly low for their recommendations, so this next time through I’m sticking to the recommendations. It looks like the first week is light, the second week you heavy up, the third week is more moderate, then you heavy up again for the final week. I guess I should have read the booklet that came with the videos before starting, huh? I’ve never been great with instructions. I also never preview the videos before doing them, which they also recommend. Ah well. Jump in head first, I say!

Overall, I LOVED this video. She slowed down the moves, so I felt like I could really heavy up. I’ve found myself loving almost all of the sculpt videos (except for the first week, which is understandable because it’s someone’s first week with the program – so I’ll either have to find a way to heavy up or I’ll substitute in one of the other three). The only frustration I have found with these videos is how much weight I’d LIKE to use for lower body, but when they alternate between upper and lower body in the same set, my upper body holds me back (which is why I maxed out on 10s with this workout). But I’m hoping if I do a few weeks at the lower weight I’ll be able to move up fairly quickly. Hopefully.

I wanted to get up today and do the cardio one, but was sore (good thing, although I don’t feel as sore as Alison’s workout). So I’m going to do cardio tonight. And cardio/sculpt tomorrow.


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