Firm Express: Overdrive (Week 4) – Cardio

I think I already said yesterday that I haven’t ever done one of Kelsie’s workouts, but I love her! I wanted to say it again if I didn’t make that clear! Tonight was her cardio video. I was amped that it is a kickboxing workout! So fun!

I had a rough time with this workout. I don’t know what it was. It was like I couldn’t get warm? It was especially hard. In fact, I felt like it was a milder of all of the workouts. But the bursts that go to the floor (either touching the floor or getting all the way down) have been the biggest challenge so far for me. Maybe I didn’t push myself hard enough?

Anyway, the crux of this workout was kickboxing, and you use light weights for part of it (I used 5s). The bursts included thinks like kicks, and my personal favorite were the hitch kicks. Takes me back to college when I did Tae Bo! Oh, Billy Blanks. You were so before my love affair with The Firm started! Anyway, I remember the hitch kicks taking me FOREVER to master, so I’m always excited when I can put all of that effort to good use!

Overall, I think I probably could have used a rest day tonight. But I want to get in workouts today and tomorrow, so I couldn’t skip. I misplanned my social calendar this week so I took rest days I didn’t intend to, and really want to stay on track with at least four workouts a week.

I’m so excited that by this time tomorrow I will have done ALL of the workouts and can start again. I still plan to get back to the booklet that came with the videos and report back anything I learnin there.


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