MTV’s “I Used To Be Fat”

I’m not going to lie, I saw the ads for this show when I was watching some of the other smut I watch on TV (Yes, I do watch Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant), and I thought the concept looked stupid. I’m not much of a supporter of really fast weight loss, over-exercising, etc. Mostly because I know if you lose it too fast, it’s easy to gain back. And if you lose it by crash dieting or crash exercising (any diet or exercise program you can’t realistically maintain long term because the calorie/food restrictions are too great, or the time commitment to working out is too much), you might see results but are setting yourself up for failure. This is why I despise Biggest Loser. It’s not realistic to workout hours per day, and all they do is think about food because they’re on such a restricted diet. Sure, it affords results for ratings, but in the end how many of the contestants gain weight back?

And, OK, I know the hardest part of weight loss isn’t LOSING the weight, it’s keeping it off. But if any of these shows cared about the person, they’d help them lose and keep the weight off. Not just lose it for dramatic purposes to get ratings. But I’m yelling at a wall, so I won’t go on.

Anyway, I actually liked the first episode of “I Used To Be Fat.” The girl was awesome. She worked hard, had a great attitude, and was so grateful at the end. I was honestly moved and happy for her. The sad part was she thought losing weight was going to make her happy. And I think the biggest letdown is being skinny doesn’t make you happy. YOU make you happy.

But the second girl? Ugh. I HATED how whiney she was. She reminded me of a cross between a girl I used to work with, Snooki when she throws a fit on Jersey Shore, and one of the annoying Kardashians. Awful. I don’t think I’ll be watching that show again.


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