Firm Express: Overdrive Cycle (Cycle 4) – Cardio/Sculpt

Well, I did it! I finished all of the workouts! Someone drop balloons and confetti from the ceiling! OK, it’s not like I’m DONE with the workouts, just made it through all of them the first time, and am excited to see how much improvement I see the next time around. Tonight was Kelsie’s cardio/sculpt workout.

I struggled with this workout for a few reasons. First, I couldn’t quite get the rhythm on a few of the bursts, specifically the first one. I know with repetition of the workout, this will improve. The one burst I did get my rhythm in, tuck jumps, knocked me out. What a great burst! I loved it! Although, I’m sure it’s one of the not so greatnone for my joints considering how much weight I need to use.

The workout only used one set of weights, labeled by Kelsie as “medium.” I used 8s, but would be interested what others use. I hate burpees. And there was a decent set centered around them. I can’t wait til I hate them less.

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