Firm Express Round 2: Emily’s Sculpt

I hate having to look up the name of each cycle every time I do a workout, so from now on I’m referring to them by the instructor. I think this is probably how the average person will refer to them anyway… I’m doing all of the workouts a second time thru, and hope to give more feedback than, “I didn’t throw up!”

Tonight I saw the return of Emily. And with the running shorts I just bought vowed to step it up another notch with weights (mostly because I feel like I’m already maxed cardio-wise).

I really like the warmup in this video. And although the booklet suggests 3-8 pound weights, with the first set of square I knew I could do more. I ended up using 10s for heavy weights and stuck with them for medium weights (and made a note on my calendar to use 12s for heavy weights next time). At one point she combines the medium weights for rows. I had to use a single weight for that. I used a 15, but could probably do a 20. I’m not entirely sure since I wasn’t expecting to need that heavy of weight so I had to run and get it.

Of the four bursts I disliked the lunge one most. I still couldn’t get the rhythm down. The very first one was probably got me the most winded. And I didn’t feel like I was recovering much with slow equate. But I tried to follow Emily’s demands and not get lazy. The other burst was mountain climbers. I did Feel like this workout was much easier than the first time around. So that, along with much heavier weights (I used 5s and 8s the first time), and I’ll give myself a kissing Minnie and Mickey sticker. Similar to a gold star, but that’s the sticker that went on my over-sized workout calendar. Which I’ll probably take a picture of one of these days!


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