Firm Express Round 2: Rebekah’s Sculpt

I did Emily’s cardio/sculpt on Saturday but forgot to post about it, so I don’t have a lot of feedback to give other than it was pretty challenging this time around, too. Especially since I’m trying to up the weights I’m using. The cardio in one segment plus challenging weights means the workouts seem even harder this time around (although I think I’ll stand by that I feel like my endurance has improved, even though my weight/measurements haven’t). I’ll also re-commit to my statement that the sculpt videos in this series are my FAVORITE. I love them. And Rebekah’s workout isn’t an exception. This workout was built to be able to heavy up on weights, and I did. I used mostly 10s and 12s, but ended up back down at 5s for the one burst that used weights (it was like a side lunge or something). I felt like I was out of control already and adding weights was only making it scarier.

Other than that, I tried to stick to 10s and 12s. The upright rows for some reason always get me, so I did cheat on those reps. I felt my upper body struggling to keep up since my lower body’s ‘heavy’ weights are much higher than upper. But that’s the problem with quick workouts, you HAVE to do four limb otherwise you don’t get everything done. So I’m not complaining. I just wish my upper body would catch up or I could think of a clever way to maximize both!

As for the bursts, I liked these bursts except for the one I mentioned holding the weight. She said the weight was supposed to stabilize you. I tried upping the weight to 8s and that made it feel worse. I finally did the last set without a weight at all.

I actually feel somewhat sore today in my chest, maybe a little in my triceps/biceps and then in my inner thighs. So I’m excited for that! Tonight I’m going to do her cardio workout.


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