Break From Firm Express, Cathe’s IMAX2

Quite awhile ago when I was a Firm newbie, I naturally got bored and wanted to add in a different workout. I had a few Firm workouts, but saw lots of people posting about Cathe workouts as the “advanced Firm workouts.” I was intrigued. I looked around at reviews and the very first video (which was more expensive than Firm videos, but I was reassured it was worth it) I bought was IMAX2 + Cardio & Weights.

Long story short, I LOVED CATHE!

I think I’ve already drawled on about being already sort of bored with the Firm Express cardio workouts. So on Friday I popped in Cathe’s IMAX2 workout with the intention of doing the first five intervals, which is about a 30 minute workout. WOW. I only made it through 20 minutes (I think that’s 3 intervals). But the nice thing about this workout is interval (lower intensity followed by high intensity followed by a short recovery). Each interval ends with Cathe’s version of a ‘burst.’ These bursts are much longer than the Firm Express ones, though, and the recovery’s longer as well. I think I’ll keep this workout in the rotation. I’m excited to get to the point where I can get through the first five intervals. I’ve ALWAYS had a problem doing the whole video.


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