Back to Basics

Since I wasn’t getting much results-wise with Firm Express, I’ve gone back to basics working out: Treadmill or elliptical and weights. Yup, old school. And I actually don’t hate it so far. I’m hoping to get into some kind of running shape soon so I can enjoy running in spring, and transition with the season into summer running. Otherwise, I’ll never get into running this summer.

I definitely have a long ways to go weight-wise, but I’ve been doing a little better with eating, so I think that’s why the weight’s slowly dropping off. And by slowly I do mean SLOWLY. I’m averaging around a pound a week. But something’s better than nothing. And nothing’s better than gaining, right?

How’s everyone else doing? Are the Firm Express videos treating you better than they treated me? Eventually I’d love to work up, stamina-wise, to two FE workouts. But at this point they’re packed, and I don’t have any reason to do them instead of what I’m doing now.


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