Week In Review

I just finished doing Cardio Sculpt, and even eight years later and all the workout videos I’ve bought since then, this one’s my all-time favorite. I hopped on the scale before working out to see where my weight was, and after an especially sweaty (it’s been unusually warm here, and I refuse to turn on my AC in APRIL!) workout I weighed myself again. I dropped over three pounds in water weight. Sheesh. And now I feel exhausted. Which hopefully means I’ll sleep well tonight, Sundays are the worst sleep-wise for me. I know it’s the combination of dread of starting the work week along with sleeping in over the weekend. Anyway, point is, Cardio Sculpt is done. And it was a struggle. Probably partially because of the humidity. But mostly because I’m so out of shape.

After tonight’s workout, I’ve worked out 297 minutes this week! Three days (including today) included weights, otherwise it’s been mostly walking either outside or on the elliptical. I’ll be interested to see if/how much weight loss I see this week. Hopefully a good drop so I stay motivated!

And I’ve only eaten out one time this week. So you’d think the two in combination will result in success!


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