Sore and Dehydrated

If I thought I was dehydrated last night, I didn’t know anything. I woke up this morning sore and thirsty. I got on the scale and had dropped another pound and my body water percent was under 41. I’d have to really look back to see if it’s ever been that low. But all I want to do is drink water and my head’s pounding. Luckily this week it’s supposed to be much cooler here, so hopefully my next workout won’t be such a burden, sweating-wise.

And I’m sore. YAY SORE! And to be sore already isn’t normal for me. Normally I’m one of those “sore two days after working out” girls. And I won’t lie. Some days I’m sore just from sleeping. It’s hell getting old. But I’m normally not sore in my armpit area (I think worked with pec flies). So here’s hoping it was just that good of a workout!


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