Firm Express Infomercial

OK, I obviously don’t need to buy the Firm Express, but for some reason was intrigued to see the infomercial. I LOVED the BSS1 infomercial back in 2002. Loved it. Watched it over and over and over. Same thing for BSS2. But since I don’t know if I’ve even seen the infomercials. Maybe for The Wave? So I wanted to see the FE infomercial. Until I just went to and saw a clip of it… Is it me, or does it feel scripted? I bet it’s because I already own the workouts.

I mean, I get that the instructors are supposed to say certain things. But, really, they’re MASTER INSTRUCTORS, they live their lives for this stuff. Just ask them questions and let them answer for real. Again, probably just me.

Has anyone actually seen the infomercial? I don’t have cable, and the schedule posted said it’s only on cable channels. I wish I could find it online, but I can’t.

On a potentially related note, I plan to do a Firm video tomorrow night. Which one should I do? Leaning toward Body Sculpt (BSS1 workout).


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  1. Jen
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 15:59:54

    Body Sculpt…is that the one with Jen Carmen? Man, that one is a killer!! Whenever I’d do that one I couldn’t walk or move for a few days! It’s a good one, but boy is it hard! (I love BSS1. they are such tough workouts! but in a good way!) oh and I have not seen the infomercial. Which is probably a good thing b.c if I had, then I would buy it, I’m sure. I live in CA and none of the Firm commercial are ever on out here. At least I can never find them.


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Apr 21, 2011 @ 21:52:33

      That’s the one! It’s definitely a killer. Didn’t get it done today. Here’s hoping for tomorrow!

      There’s a list somewhere that shows when the infomercial plays, but sure if it’s limited markets? Anyway if you really want a sneak peek, go to firm and check out a 2 min clip of what I assume is the infomercial.


  2. Jen
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 23:47:07

    Just wanted to tell you…I searched for this infomercial on my direct Tv guide and sure enough it was on in the middle of the night the other day. So I set up the dvr to record it. I’m watching it now and boy does it sound good! 30 days/20 minutes 3 times a week and you’ll lose 15 lbs in a month. And all the people they have on here giving their testimonials have lost 20-28 lbs in a month! Really? That’s pretty amazing.

    So are the workouts good? You have them, right? I’m doing a weight training program but it does require 20 minutes of interval training-cardio 3 times a week, so this is rather appealing to me.

    I’m tempted! (but mainly b/c I love the Firm)


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 23:08:25

      I did the workouts at least five days a week for a whole month. And didn’t lose any weight. I personally only really liked three or four of the thirteen workouts. The blasts are pretty intense, but think you eed to go longer than eight seconds… I like some of the workouts (especially the sculpt ones, other than emily’s sculpt) enough that I’ll rotate them in. But they’re not as hard as the BSS1 workouts (which I’ve started doing again and am sore unlike the FE videos ever did). I’ve concluded if I did TWO of the FE workouts a day, four times a week, I’d probablyget decent results. But that’s more than twice what’s prescribed.

      And…. If you look, the intermediate and advanced rotations are at least two workouts a day, five or six days a week. And the results that I’ve seen don’t say how much they cut their diet (I refuse to starve myself), or how many workouts they did.


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 23:10:23

      Short answer: buyers remorse. I wouldn’t buy them again.


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