Cathe – IMAX3

OK, so last night? Epic fail on IMAX3 (which is different than IMAX2). It’s a step workout by Cathe. I remember when I first tried IMAX2, I was so overwhelmed with how challenging it was, both from a cardio perspecitve as well as from a more complex steps/mind perspective. It was just what I needed to want to do the video over and over and master it. So I mastered it. Then bought IMAX3. Which I never mastered. It was like the first challenge was fun. And the second time around with IMAX3, I couldn’t ever get into it. So while I can throw in IMAX2 at almost any time, any fitness level, and get through the first five sets (of 10), this video I’m struggling on the warmup. I remembered that when I started the warmup last night.

But I got to my target low heart rate in 1 1/2 minutes! I only made it through about 25 minutes of the first five sets (which I think is 37 minutes total). And I was really struggling. Anyway, I wanted to share a clip of the video with you. There’s one long clip that comes from Cathe’s site. And I’ve posted a shorter clip from Collage Video.

This one’s from Cathe’s site

And here’s the shorter one from Collage Video.

So of course, my new goal is to conquer this video! Bring it on, Cathe!

And if you’ve never done Cathe’s videos before, I consider them the Cadillac of workout videos. They’re excellently cued, Cathe’s personality is great and motivating, she has upbeat music that doesn’t overwhelm you, and her premixes are genius. You can do the whole workout, or pickout sets of stuff to do. So for the IMAX workouts, you can do the first five step routines and their corresponding blasts, the last five sets, just the step routines or just the blasts. The shorter workouts are probably made to save time, but for me, usually half the video’s a great workout, especially when I’m just getting re-started working out. Cathe’s in excellent shape, which is motivating, but not cocky or annoying (like Tony Horton, whose voice I can’t even stand from afar when I’m not doing the workout). And she always makes sure you’re getting the best of your workout (“Come on, JUMP!”), confirms you’re where you’re supposed to be (“You should be at the top of your heart rate.”), and will make sure your form’s in check.

Oh, and I believe IMAX3 is supposed to be a slight step up from IMAX2 with shorter recoveries and I believe possibly longer blast segments. Probably because most people are in better shape than me! :-) And when I first saw the concept for Firm Express, I imagined it to be similar to these IMAX videos. And maybe if I hadn’t done the IMAX videos, I would have been more impressed with Firm Express!


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