Slowly Walking Down The Hall…

Well, the only good thing I can say since I’ve been MIA blogging is the weight is coming off. VERRRRRY slowly. I finally had to cave and incorporate running back into my routine. I also bought a bike! It’s supposed to arrive next week. I found one I was set on and then saw the “other customers like you looked at this” links and saw a teal bike. TEAL! Um, yes, please. So I bought a bike that might be a little less of a fit, but much cuter. I think I’m OK with that.

Then today I read how a biker got hit. And a bunch of comments on the article were about how “stupid bikers” should stay off “our roads.” So, it’s possible this will be one of my last posts… ;-) JOKES! Hopefully. Seriously, though, the roads in our town aren’t biker friendly. I tried to search for bike paths (and hiking paths) and couldn’t find anything. I dream of being able to ride my bike to the grocery store (there’s a basket rack to do that), but am not sure city drivers would take kindly. Maybe eventually I can be “crazy teal bike girl” who people will start to like? Maybe if I give out candy or something…

It’s pretty sad, though, when people get frustrated with walkers or bikers. It does suck to get stuck behind a biker. But it also sucks the city isn’t more active-friendly. And a lot of bikers do choose the strangest streets to ride on. In town I can get on board with bikers and get around them. It is a little scary on some of the narrow highways to come up on a biker.

So, I guess we’ll see where this leads. In the meantime, a picture of MY BIKE!


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