Bike Riding is AWESOME

I finally got my bike! And after a day of putting it together, airing up tires, and doing a few practice runs through the house (yes, seriously – isn’t being an adult awesome?), I was on the road! I expected to be excited about biking because it was something new, outdoors, and hopefully a good workout. But I had no idea 1. how many calories it burns and 2. how much I’d enjoy it. I’ve been trying to limit my biking to once a day so I don’t get too sore or over-use my muscles. But I LOVE it. Absolutely, unequivocally. I used to ride a bike all the time as a kid. I remember going up and down the street, bored out of my mind. Sometimes I’d ride up to the side of our camper and pretend to order fast food (which makes me laugh because my nephew does that with his cars). I’d ride around and pretend different places were parking lots. I wish I could get my imagination going like I used to as a kid, and I’d probably ride around forever. But, much like walking as a kid, I now ride with a purpose: exercise. And who knew it was such great exercise?

The first day I rode for about 22 1/2 minutes and burned 426 calories! Yes, seriously. The next day I rode for only about 13 minutes and burned between 250 and 300. And then yesterday morning I rode for 28 minutes and burned 470 calories. That’s better than most of the workouts I do. And it’s very low impact. If I bike for a half hour three times a week, I’ll surely start seeing results. I plan to add in at least two 30-minute strength workouts as well.

Once I get about 10-15 more pounds off, I think I’ll be ready to start running and it won’t be so hard on my joints. Here’s hoping!

My weigh in this week was a huge disappointment. I didn’t lose any weight. But I had a busy week last week of drinking and eating, so I went in with the goal to not gain. And I didn’t . I weighed this morning and was at least at the same spot. And have been more focused than ever to keep eating healthy. Once I get going on eating healthy (specifically, once I finally get the CONSTANT cravings fro crap out of my system), eating healthy and not over-eating gets SO much easier. But it takes a few weeks of denying myself of almost every craving as it comes along.  

My sisters who are trying to lose weight with me are seeing great results on their ends too, so that’s motivating as well! Here’s hoping for a good weigh in next week.


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