Longer Bike Rides, Less Weight Loss

I haven’t been losing consistent weight on a weekly basis. But after spending six days a week for the past two weeks riding my bike (and burning over 500 calories per ride, based on my heart rate monitor), I was definitely disappointed to see a 1 1/2 pound increase in weight this past week (after holding at the same weight the week before). Very disappointed. And I’m not sure what else I can change. I don’t want to go to a super-strict diet. I want to have a little bit of freedom for social things like drinks and going out to dinner, otherwise I’ll be a recluse. And when I’ve been eating out, I’ve been trying to either be VERY sparing in how much I eat, or order something that seems relatively healthy.

Apparently I need a new plan. I’m working on it. I have a friend who runs semi-regularly. She also swims and rides a stationary bike. And she says she never denies herself some of the less healthy foods, but does mostly track her calories. And she lost thirty pounds doing that. So I know it’s possible. I must be over-eating, but not realizing it. I’ve even been using My Fitness Pal on my phone, and everything seems to be coming out OK. It must be either alcohol or those times Im eating out that’s throwing me way over the limit.

In success news: I rode my bike for over an hour last night! I was definitely totally exhausted, and ended up getting a Powerade Zero. Back in the day I did some research that said unless you’re an elete athlete, you shouldn’t drink a sports drink because you’ll usually negate most of your calorie loss. But in the case of the zero-calorie drinks, what’s everyone recomend? I feel like I need the sodium to rehydrate. Since I’ve been biking almost everyday and it’s relatively hot when I do it, I can feel dehydration setting in. From weird food cravings (probably due to vitamin/mineral loss) to constipation (ugh!), it’s been a struggle. I’ve tried to focus on getting more fruits and have been doing a smoothie that’s just fruits in the mornings since I get bored eating just one fruit , and get a wider variety of vitamins and minerals that way. And I’ve been drinking about 90 ounces of water a day. And trust me, this isn’t too much. I’m not peeing all day long, and feel thirsty most of the day. And of course, vitamins in pill form. I expect it to be less hard on my body once we get out of this awful heatwave!


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  1. Tom the Weight Control Recipes Man
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 02:45:02

    There are many weight control recipes that not only help you lose weight but also taste great too. The trick to eating healthy is to eat smaller portions and use less fat when cooking.

    Controlling your weight through food is not hard but it does take some practice and getting used to.


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