Restaurant Dictators

I’ve been reading a lot lately about unhealthy food at restaurants and then read the comments. It seems the majority of commentors (which I’ve learned doesn’t necessarily speak for the majority of the population) think the US is turning into a dictatorship by requiring nutritional values to be printed on menus, or if restaurants are restricted from serving certain foods (I assume meeting specific requirements – I haven’t heard what types of foods will be restricted, so this could all be dramatic exaggeration).

I personally am a proponent of nutritional values on menus. Often times I see three or four or five things on a menu that sound good. If I had the nutritional information, I might be able to choose the one that’s healthiest (or at least not choose the worst one). If, all things considered, I can’t choose, that might be the boost to help me select my item.

It would also be an eye-opener. A friend of mine lives in California and Olive Garden now has nutritional information for all of their menu items on their menu. I don’t believe the same has happened here, but I might be wrong. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there (or out to eat anywhere). But I like the idea. Maybe publishing the less healthy items’ nutritional information will encourage all restaurants to expand their menus with some healthier options. Heck, even if they’d say, “Swap this for this to save X calories” I’d like that. I’m definitely not saying I eat healthy all the time. But I mostly eat at restaurants for social reasons. So if I’m chatting with friends, I’m not necessarily there to over-indulge. I’d like to have some healthier options.

Of course, the next issue is making sure the nutritional information is accurate….


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