“Every morning you wake up and what you decide to do, that’s going to define who you are.” -Chris Powell

I finally watched last week’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I like seeing how much a person can push his/her body. Especially someone 200 pounds overweight running a half marathon? Get it, girl! I’m only about 40 pounds overweight at this point. And actually think if I lost thirty pounds my BMI would officially be “normal.” But, I never would think I could conquer a half marathon. Thirteen miles is a long way. Hell, I struggle to bike 15 miles! And I can’t even run a full 5K (I can walk/run it, but not full out run).

So it’s inspiring to see how much they push their bodies. It makes me realize I can push mine as much or more!

It’s hard to translate their weight loss into my own experience, so I always look at it and it doesn’t do much for me. But it’s always interesting to see how spouses or other family members do or don’t support the person trying to lose. In some cases, it seems like those who love them kind of want to hold them back, and don’t support them. Almost like they’re scared of the person becoming the best person they can be. I wonder why that is? With spouses, I assume it’s because they personally lack self-esteem, too, and fear the “new” person will leave them? But parents always blow my mind when they don’t want the best for their children. And a spouse who doesn’t get on board with the diet confuses me, too. Don’t you want your spouse to be healhty and around for a long time? Don’t you want to stick around and be healthy with them?

So that part always baffles and overwhelms me. But otherwise, I really like Chris. He’s an inspiration and one of the few people on these shows who doesn’t seem to look down on his clients, but rather tries to get to the bottom of their issue, resolve it, and help them realize who they can be without judgement. But a lot of tough love.


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