GMAFR – Day 3

Well, yesterday was a little better, attitude-wise. I kind of got a grip on the “feel sorry for me” mindset (thanks, Jen, for all of your supportive words!), and have decided if I’m ever going to get to and be a healthy weight, I’m going to have to count calories. I’m still trying to do the “no diet” diet. But I realize counting calories is kind of a diet.

I also talked to another friend who clarified that I’m better off setting a sepecific calorie range (doctor recommended 1700 so my range is 1600-1800) like I had done in the past than doing like My Fitness Pal was telling me to do and setting a much lower range and raising it as I workout. I should have known this wasn’t working since I’ve been doing it since early June and havne’t lost a pound since then! ;-)

Anyway, my basal metabolism is about 2000. That’s assuming a sedentary lifestyle (since I work at a desk, and want all of my exercise to go toward weight loss). So based on this, if I stick to between 1600 and 1800 calories a day, I should lose about 1/2 a pound per week. And then if I am sure to burn at least 3500 calories a week, that’ll be about 1 1/2 pounds a week. More if I can get my metabolism up by adding on muscle, probably. I remember reading somewhere (in some Firm stuff, I think) that five pounds of muscle boosts your metabolism so that it’s like you’re running an extra mile a day. Put that in your metabolism booster and smoke it!

So, anyway, I’ve been doing my Firms only sporadically. (Does using the word “sporadically” remind anyone else of Clueless?) And finally decided yesterday I have to get back to doing at LEAST two a week. Preferably sculpts since I’ll still be riding my bike for cardio. Or at the very least cardio+sculpts. This morning I got up and did the lower body portion of Jen’s Body Sculpt from BSS1. BSS1 is my FAVORITE of all of my Firm tapes. I think because that’s where I originally started doing Firms. And so that’s where I got my first results. Plus, I LOVE Allie in Cardio Sculpt. Well, I love Allie in any video. And Jen’s that powerhouse instructor you always strive to be, but didn’t think you ever could, until you were doing 20 big boy pushups! :-) I can’t wait to get back there. Bring it on, ladies!

I also found an Excel spreadsheet I’d spent a TON of time on with all of the Firm videos (as of that time). Listing instructor, length, type of video, equipment used, etc. The spreadsheet itself was intended for a Firm board I used to be a leader on. And it wasn’t that the spreadsheet was that helpful. It was that when I looked at the spreadsheet, I remembered how much time I put into it because I LOVED the Firm so much I wanted everyone on that board to get the same buzz I was getting. Over the past several years, I think the Firm was like the parent that I wanted to love but kept letting me down. I know they’re adapting to the demand, and their videos have to be easier to cater to a wider range of people, especially those who have never worked out. I get that. ANd I respect the business decision behind it. But the output of product was a letdown for me. However, looking at that spreadhseet, I remember how great of results I used to get. How finishing a videos was such an accomplisment. And how much I loved building my workouts, doing them, and talking about them with other Firmies!

Sparkpeople has also helped me get that buzz back. SO I just need to ride the excited train!!

Here’s to Day 4. Started off with the lower body segment of Body Sculpt, and plan to get in a bike ride tonight! Cheers!


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  1. jennewby71
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 12:01:09

    Alright Kelly! Ok, so i just got your message on sparkpeople and it’s nice to put a picture to the correspondence!! You sound like you have the right mindset…we can do this!! So this morning my husband said you want to go for a jog by yourself? i was thrilled b/c i I hate jogging, but want to like it but when I do run I have a 80lb German Shepherd in tow and pushing a 3 year old in a crappy jog stroller. it sucks and it’s hard. So I left this morning w/ just the dog and actually jogged for 40 minutes!!! i only had to stop twice each time for a 1 minute walk. That is HUGE for me b/c I’m not a runner! So anyway, I think having him home and in such good shape, he’s motivating me to get my butt in gear. i feel like a complete fatass around him so I must change that! (even though he doesn’t make me feel like that through his actions in anyway. he’s just happy that I’m trying to get fit.) So this past Monday I started getting back onto Sparkpeople and logging everything. I do find when I log it I’m more accountable and I can see where I’m screwing up. So this is day 4 of logging and I’ve staying in my range every day. But this is the 1st day of exercising again and usually when I exercise, i want to eat more. But I have tons of fruit and veggies here so that’s what’s got to be eaten vs. crap. Good luck! Let’s motivate each other!! WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Aug 04, 2011 @ 13:09:12

      That’s awesome! Since I’ve been riding my bike jogging’s kind of gone by the wayside. It’s so tough to jog in this heat. Yeah, that’s an excuse and I know it. A friend of mine asked if I want to do a 5K in September, and I’d already planned to do one in October, so I guess I need to try to fid at least one day of jogging in a week. My fitness calendar’s already filling up! But that’s good. That’s what I need so I’m not bored and like, “Ugh. So what do I have to do today?” If I can keep jogging as it gets cool and slowly adjust to the cold temperatures, I can usually jog through the winter. So that’s my goal this fall and winter (to jog regularly and adapt).

      And that’s great that your husband’s so supportive! I know if a spouse isn’t, it can derail your whole program.

      Oh, and I’ve been logging fitness and food. It’ snice I can copy an entire meal from a day before since I usually eat similar stuff for breakfast everyday and often bring the same lunches or leftover dinners. So that makes it easy. And I saw on a Firm board post that many people just put “circuit training” for their Firm workouts rather than entering each sculpting move. That makes recording that so much easier, so I’m going to do that, too!

      I feel like we have a lot of forward momentum! Let’s commit the entire month of August to this. I think we’ll both see great results and propel forward!


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