Juice Fast – Day 1

Well, I’m almost through the first full day since I started last night with dinner. But so far here are my thoughts on this juice fast:

  • All I want to do is eat. I’m not even hungry, but I want to eat food! I hope this slowly goes away, because this is one of my biggest hurdles to eating healthy: eating just to eat.
  • I actually don’t feel hungry, which seems weird. I wonder if as the days go on I’ll get more hungry? Part of me feels like I’m living off of yesterday’s food still or something.
  • I have peed more today than I think I did all last week. ;-) OK, I know I’m drinking more liquid, but not that much more than normal. I’m probably drinking about half of the water I normally do, so total liquid intake isn’t really down that much.
  • I haven’t been in the bathroom with bowel movements like proclaimed in the show. I assume this is normal and was extreme for the one lady.
  • Juicing wasn’t awful, but was more time consuming on the first morning than I anticipated. I’m going to try to organize all three meals (breakfast, morning snack, lunch) tonight before bed so I’m more organized tomorrow morning.
  • I felt guilty wasting the pulp. But I don’t know a good way to repurpose it since it’s fruits AND veggies (fruits alone I could add to something, or veggies especially to sauces and soups). I’m going to research potential options.

That’s all! So far, not terrible. I’m staying mostly not-starving. I feel like my mind’s all over the place, but that happens occasionally anyway. My mood’s been good. But it’s normally good the day after a long bike ride. All in all, I guess I feel like I normally do.


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