Tip-Toeing Down The Path Of The Juice Fast….

I’m very hesitant to commit completely to a juice fast. First of all, I’m NOT a fad of any type of crash diet. And I can’t quite workout in my head if that’s what I’m doing this for. The quick weight loss is definitely tempting, especially since I feel like I’m doing everything right and not dropping any pounds. But the real reason I would do soemthing like this is for the potential for healing during the fast. The theory (according to what I’ve read) is that your body doesn’t have to work to digest juice but gets all of the same nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. This gives your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy and heal, plus nothing (like digestion, toxins, etc.) to have to work around. It can focus solely on healing.

And if you’ve seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you’d probably at least temporarily have the same motivation as me. This guy was on medication for some auto-immune illness. And by the end he was completely off. He went SIXTY DAYS on just juice. He lost a ton of weight and spent time focusing on getting over his food habits (and addictions?), and getting back into fitness.

Another guy on the show was over 400 pounds and did the same thing. He got off of his medications for blood pressure, and I believe other medicines. And another lady stopped having migraines.

One of my goals is to NOT be on all of the medications most older people are on: cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. And of course to be a healthy weight with an active, healthy lifestyle. Will a juice fast help me get there? Get me there faster? Or be just another wave on the up and down that seems to be my weight…


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