Well, I made it to twenty miles, eleven days early! It took me 2 hours to get there, but I made it. The last half hour was brutal. I probably could have finished in half the time if it were the starting leg of the ride. Plus, it was dark. Which in some spots was kind of peaceful. But in other spots, it was hard to see and confusing.

Long story short, I don’t care to do 20 miles in one clip again for a long time. I’d either need to improve my shape a lot, get a lighter bike, or…. I don’t know what else. All I know is an hour is a long enough workout for me. I suppose very occasionally on a cool night I could go for a two hour workout, but man, after about an hour and a half, I feel so fatigued. And not that my muscles were sore. Just that I was tired. And HUNGRY!

Anyway, mission accomplished. I’ll probably try to keep doing at least weekly rides near 12-15 miles. And then maybe a few shorter rides. I also am really, really trying to get back into running because it’s such a good workout and can be done anywhere. Biking sounds like it coudl be, too, but if I have a flat tire or some other deterrant, I can still put on my shoes and run! :-)


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