Inspiring Blog Post

I stumbled across a triathalon blog, and then stumbled across a specific post (this is the only post on the whole blog I read). Whatever you do, don’t read the comments. OK, now that I’ve said that, you WILL read the comments, but you’ve been warned! ;-) I guess this goes to show you can overcome your biggest challenges, be inspiring, feel great, and there are still jerks out there like the person who made the first comment. Can’t let the minority of negative people get you down!

Anyway, here’s the article:

Makes me want to train for a triathalon. Well, honestly, I DO want to. My biggest setback is I don’t know how to swim. I mean, I wouldn’t drown if you threw me in a body of water (well, not initially, I’m sure eventually I’d exhaust and drown). But I don’t know how to properly swim. I don’t need to take lessons on how to stay afloat or how to move across water. I need lessons on proper form, technique, etc. I don’t even know what different forms of swimming are called, aside from the few races I’ve watched on TV. But I can’t find anything in my area that teaches such things, although I’m sure they exist!

And I know, I know, that’s just an excuse. But if I’m honest, I’d have to really train to even be up to par for the biking and running distances of a tri. So regardless of swimming, I still have work to do!


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