C25K Week 4/5K Your Way Week 1

I’m doing a hybrid 5K training program where I’m doing the C25K and Spark People’s 5K Your Way simultaneously. I should get through the two fairly simultaneously because the 5K Your Way is five weeks, and the C25K is nine weeks, but I’m on week four. So that’s six weeks of workouts left.

I have about 10 1/2 weeks until the 5K I’m signing up for. And I know week 4 on the C25K has already been quite the challenge. I expect to have to do it for at least two weeks. And I like how the 5K Your Way gives me a shorter rest time but also shorter running times. I have been able to do three minutes, but the five minute stretches of the C25K Week 4 have been a struggle.

Anyway, this is all confusing if you’re not familiar with the programs.

For c25K, week 4 consists of:

Run 3 minutes
Walk 1 1/2 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Walk 2 1/2 minutes
Run 3 minutes
Walk 1 1/2 minutes
Run 5 minutes

The five minute running stretches kill me. I know it’s just a matter of time before I can get there. This workout’s 21 1/2 minutes.

Week one of 5K Your Way:

Walk 1 minute
Jog 3 minutes

Repeat a total of eight times for a total workout time of 32 minutes. (Workout three of week 1 you repeat nine times – 36 minutes).

The plan is to do whatever workout I feel like, but try to stay pretty evenly between the two so they finish about simultaneously. I SHOULD be able to get through both programs before my official 5K on October 22nd. My main reason for doing this is to give me another running workout if I’m struggling with a specific week so I keep running. The other goal is to keep me in a program up until the race. I know some people finish the program early, then lose motivation to run before the race. I want to stay plenty busy running! :-)

My race goal is to beat my best time, which I believe was a little over 36 minutes (no one laugh).


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