Biked To The Grocery Store (Instead of Driving)!

Well, I really went just to pick up a prescription (through the drive thru). I need to get a lock before I can leave my bike unattended! :-) I’ve been a little intimidated by going into the city (my housing edition is on the outskirts and really low traffic area), partially because it’s technically illegal to ride on sidewalks, and also because it’s terrifying crossing streets. I live in Kansas, not exactly the epicenter for drivers looking out for bikers (or walkers). I had to be extra-cautious crossing streets. I almost got hit twice on my approximately eight mile journey. But all in all, I can’t believe I drive to any of the places on the way to this grocery store (or the Aldi’s across the street). My only limitation is my my basket will probably only hold one bag of groceries. Which, I suppose, is OK. I’ll just go more often and get less per time. I’ll probably also see a savings on my monthly bill! I’m a little concerned about transporting things like eggs, though. It’s a little bumpy!

Anyway, my point is, I faced the fear (of traffic), and even got passed by two police officers who did NOT pull me over and ticket me for riding on a sidewalk! So I’m encouraged that it’s one of those laws that’s overlooked, probably because they’d rather we ride there than being scraped off the street. And the ride really wasn’t awful as far as good sidewalks and crosswalks go. There’s only one spot where the path narrows and another walker/runner and I couldn’t share the space. So I feel like this is something I can do regularly!


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