Quick Strength Training And Yoga

Last night I wanted desperately to get in a workout before my dinner plans. This is how I know my mind’s FINALLY transforming and getting on the right page. I have TONS of workout videos. Tons. I wanted to do a quick yoga session because I’ve been so tight lately and my right shoulder and into my back have been painfully annoying. And I also needed to get in a strength workout. But I only had forty-five minutes. I realized this would be a perfect time for one of those Firm Express videos. The problem is the strength workouts still have those cardio bursts in them. And everything moves so dang fast, it’s hard to keep good form or go deep into the exercises. I’m not sure if this gets easier with time, but I always feel like I’m one rep from an injury. But I did it anyway.

I still can’t decide if I should use the burst time to hit muscle groups that aren’t hit or hit hard, or if a strength workout really is an appropriate time for bursts of cardio. Generally I like my strength workouts to be ALL strength. If I want to do cardio, it can come before or after the workout with plenty of rest so I get the most of both, or on more often, on a totally different day.

Anyway, I threw in Alison’s sculpt Firm Express video. Of all of the instructors, she and Kelsey are my favorites. I really liked Kelsey’s kickboxing. I can’t remember which video of hers that is. And then I like Alison’s strength video. And I think Rebekah’s strength video. I’d have to look back to confirm that. It’s been so long since I’ve done the videos. I did the bursts, but also found myself feeling like in only twenty minutes it will be hard to get a full body workout, I should be doing other strength moves, and specifically ones that will help my shoulder. So NEXT TIME I’m in a time crunch like that, that’s what I’ll do! Just need to preview teh workout and take down all of the moves and determine how to fill the time.

Yoga was great and I can’t wait for my new yoga video (and mat!) to arrive! This video has some specific workouts for back,shoulder and neck tension. I can’t wait to try them! Hopefully the instructor is good. I’ve found the instructor and cueing is the most important thing for me with videos.


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