September Goals

Alright, I’m back. And less grumpy! I’m actually excited to get a workout in tonight. I think it will make me feel better. And after reading Workout Girl’s blog post on her muscle gain/fat loss this year, despite her scale moving, I’m really motivated to get back to strength training. I have been putting it off partially because I’m weighing in weekly and strength training makes me retain water for a few days, plus we all know cardio’s where it’s at for quicker fat loss. Yes, I know, gaining muscle means I burn more calories after the workout, but still.

So, my point is, I’m finally motivated to do this long-term, and forget worrying about the short-term weekly weigh ins. Plus, let’s be real, if I had done that to begin with, I’d probably be farther along in weight loss anyway. But it’s always a learning process, right?

So tonight it’s Tough Tape 2. I haven’t done this workout in awhile, but believe it’s a full body strength workout. I also would love to get in a bike ride, even if it’s only 30 minutes.

I’d love to throw out the scale for the month of September. But since I can’t do that with our weight loss competition, I’m going to TRY to only weigh myself for that one day a week weigh in, and otherwise try to rid myself of the burden. We’ll see how that goes! I tend to avoid the scale when I’m not eating right, but be obsessed with it when I’m eating better and working out. I definitely need to find a happy, healthy medium.

In the meantime, September is the month of strength! Let’s see how much I can make that body fat percentage go down! I’m going to do new measurements tomorrow, and record my weight, body and water percent. Then on October 1st, I’ll do the same thing. Here goes nothing!


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