Listening To My Body

I know this isn’t a novel concept, but I’ve never really taken the time to listen to my body. I mean, I do try to make sure I’m hungry before I eat. That part I get. And I also know I emotionally eat when I’m not hungry, but usually at the time I don’t even care. I’m aware of that, and working on it. But here are three things I’ve never really done:

  • Truly taste the food and notice when it doesn’t taste as great, and take that as a hint I’m starting to get full. And if it doesn’t taste as good, why keep eating it?
  • Take note of how I feel AFTER eating something. Do I feel sluggish, sick, tired, energetic, full, over-full, have cravings, etc.
  • And as a kind of a related deal, take all foods off the banned list.

Well, I officially started doing this today.

First things first, I got rid of all chocolate. I don’t even LIKE chocolate. Why do I eat it? Because I’m either craving caramel or nougat. I don’t even know what nougat means, but it involves nuts and something creamy, right? Again, caramel. And what did I replace it with? Caramels. Yes, seriously, that simple. I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten an entire candy bar to get some caramel. A candy bar is about 230 calories. I can have seven caramels for that many calories. I don’t think I’ve EVER had seven caramels in one setting. Even on my worst day, and even given unlimited caramels to eat without gaining weight. They’re sitting on my desk. In plain site. I’ve eaten two all day. Of course, afternoons are my biggest threat.

Second thing, I’m really tasting the food. I had one of the said caramels before lunch. I thought I’d die it tasted so good. No, really. Then I ate lunch (which we’ll get to) and had another after lunch because I always crave something sweet after a meal. And you know what? The post-meal (when my lunch had already started tasting not-great) didn’t taste that great, either. I noticed it tasted mostly like waxy sugar. This may or may not calm my cravings for caramel in the future. Who knows? All I know is it didn’t taste great, so I didn’t want to keep eating them. Point!

OK, so for lunch, I was craving pizza. So I ordered one of my favorites: Papa John’s cheesesticks. And they were de-licious! But I only ate them until they weren’t delicious anymore. I mean, they were still good. But the taste wasn’t as great as when I started. So I stopped. (That’s when I had that caramel.) And you know what? I felt the perfect level of full. I didn’t feel over-full or guilty for eating too much. Lots of times when I have something I love, I keep eating, and end up so full I can’t move. This time, I didn’t do that.

But, there was other backlash later. I have no idea if this normally happens or if it’s because I’ve been eating healthier or what. But about 2 hours after lunch, I started to feel sick. Like I wanted to puke sick. Not from eating too much (I have had that feeling in the past) but I assume from the cheese and grease on the breadsticks. So I wanted to record how I feel right now, post-cheesesticks, and hopefully that will motivate me to NOT crave the cheesesticks again! I see how this works. You pay attention to your body, focus on the consequences, and naturally start eating stuff that treats your body well.

Genius! Why do I have to be 31 years before anyone tells me this? It’s not rocket science, people! But I guess you can’t sell a book, diet pill, shake or exercise equipment for this method.




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