Two Miles: Conquered!

Well, I did it! I ran two straight miles! I have no idea how fast I ran. My guess would be probably around a 12 minute or so mile. But I honestly don’t know. The weather here’s been fantastic the past couple of days, and I headed out in my normal outside workout gear: shorts and a tank top. I was actually cold. It felt great! Just before the one-mile mark I had serious brain issues wanting to give up. I feel like conquering the first mile is often hindered more by mind than matter. I knew I could go a mile. I’ve done higher intensity workouts for longer. And I know what it’s like to truly be at the top of my heart rate. I wasn’t. So I used Workout Girl as an inspiration, asking myself what she’d say to me if she were running with me (a little creepy, right?) and that got me to the first mile. The weirdest thing is right after that urge to quit, I actually hit a stride with running and was sad I had to slow down to turn around (I liked having the one mile mark at a spot I’d turn around – so it’s easy to see progress). Despite slowing down to turning around, I didn’t let myself stop or walk, and I kept a good stride for probably until the 1 1/2 mile mark where it started getting tough. At probably near the 1 3/4 mark I was struggling. And the last 100 or so yards was down right painful. My hips were screaming, my lungs burning and I was seriously concerned I would vomit. But I’d come this far, I was going to finish! I tried speeding up and lengthening my stride to try to get done faster. That didn’t work, so I slowed my pace down and FINALLY felt like I crawled to the finish line.

I had a decent distance of a walk back. That was sort of unplanned but was a nice touch because I really was struggling. I feel like I might have pushed myself a bit too much, but today I woke up relatively un-sore. My hip’s still a little janky. But my friend suggested I need to tone my hip abductors, which I’m going to start doing. I did stretch after the run but couldn’t get myself to do a yoga video. So I’ll do that tonight with my weights workout. Probably after the weights workout so I can get the stretch benefit from both.

Anyway, I’m so excited that I got two miles in! I’m going to try to do some various-distance runs over the next several weeks. My 5K is about 6 weeks away. I’m still struggling with those AM runs (and this 5K is in the morning). So I probably need to be training in the AM or over-training in the PM. Either way, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on and hope for my best timed 5K ever. I know I’m definitely not there, yet. But getting two miles in ups my confidence!


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