The Things We Put Off Until We’ve Lost Weight….

Except for wearing a bikini, which I have no business wearing, I can’t think of anything I’m putting off until I lose weight. But so many friends and family members I know are. And while I understand some of the insecurity, I also think avoiding doing the things we want to do because of our weight is why we don’t lose (or even worse, gain) weight! One of my sisters told me she was going to start riding her bike when she lost some weight. Another friend told me she wasn’t going to run outside until she was able to run a longer distance. Another friend told me she was putting off her beach vacation until she lost some weight. And many women avoid gyms, finding a boyfriend or taking family photos until they’ve lost the weight.

So, my question is, what are you doing with your life until then? Your life isn’t worth living because you have a couple of extra pounds? That’s crazy. First of all, if you have the bike, ride it! You might not be as thin as you want to be when you get on it, but riding it will get you to a lower weight faster than talking about how you’ll ride once you lose weight. I see families riding bikes all the time. I’ve honestly NEVER noticed the weight of any of the parents on the bikes. I’ve always thought how great it is the parents and children are doing stuff together.

For the girls who won’t run outside until they’ve lost weight or can run longer distances… Running outside until you can get to longer distances will be what helps you get to those distances! Especially if you dread running on the treadmill. And who doesn’t? It’s bo-ring! Same goes for losing weight. Who cares what you weigh. Run as far as you can with confidence, knowing this is the heaviest you’ll ever be running outside! I’ve seen plenty of people of all sizes running (and walking). I’ve been one of them. And the only way I get better is to keep on keepin’ on. I don’t care if people see me transition from walking to running or vice versa. Although there was a time a guy came around the corner as I was walking and getting ready to run and I think he thought I was running away from him. But that was mostly funny. And hopefully not too offensive!

And what about those vacations and pictures and girls’ nights you want to host? Are you going to let life pass you by while you’re heavier than you want to be? Maybe going on vacation, spending time with your family, and hanging out with your friends is just what you need to shift your mood to getting motivated to workout! I find that I eat less when I’m at a social event. I mean sure I’ll eat whatever’s there, and snacky foods are rarely healthy, but I won’t shove my face since I’ll be talking, and laughing, and doing things that I enjoy. Which means I fill myself up less with food. I know that means I eat a lot emotionally, especially when I’m bored or lonely or upset. But that’s exactly it for me! Being in those social settings, enjoying vacations big or small, that put me in the mood to take better care of myself.

And finally, those of you avoiding pictures with your families, your kids are only this age once. What if your mom isn’t around for Christmas next year? Wouldn’t it be fun to have picture of you and your brother while his hair is cut that way? And let’s be honest, women’s fashions are ever-changing. Get in a picture or two with your teenaged niece. Someday she’ll look back at the picture of the two of you and I guarantee she’ll be focused more on “what was I wearing” than your weight. Except to note how much thinner you are now!


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  1. Colline
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 15:47:47

    No truer words spoken! Let us live in the present as life passes by quickly.


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