Tuesday Workout – Lower Body Strength and Yoga for Hips

I’ve decided I’m going to start documenting the workouts I do, how much I liked them, and how far I get in them. I’m doing older Firms, so I’m not always able to complete the whole workout, which is OK. These are tough workouts, and I know I’ll get there eventually. Part of the fun is progressing each week and being able to do more and more!

Last night I did a workout from The Firm’s “Firm Parts” set. It’s a set of four workouts and I did “Standing Legs.” I’m not sure why I decided to do lower body since I’d just run the night before and my hips were definitely sore. I also noticed my legs fatigued really fast in this workout. Next time: Upper body will come after a run! But you live and learn. I found a clip from this workout. For some reason they worked a lot of upper body into this workout, but after awhile I stopped adding those moves in and only did lower body since I plan to do upper body tonight.

I also did the “Hip Pain (SI Joint)” segment of my new Yoga for Stress Relief video. Last Friday I did a full body strength workout then did the shoulder and neck as well as the lower back segments. The three I listed are all passive stretches, so they’re definitely not for muscle toning. But it’s a fantastic post-sculpting stretch. Or in my case, I needed the hip stretch from my run. I felt like the hip stretch and the lower back stretch were very similar except for this one fantastic hip stretch where you cross your legs right over left (then later left over right) and lay down. It hurt for awhile, but felt awesome later. I believe it was some type of lotus stretch. I didn’t feel it until I laid down and the weight of one leg really pushed open the hip of the other leg. Fantastic.

I wish I could find a clip of this yoga video because I really love it. I do like some of the strengthening/toning parts of yoga, but I mostly do it for a good stretch and improved flexibility. So these more passive stretches are awesome. And I don’t feel like I need to conserve energy on my strength workout since this yoga workout uses little to no exhertion.

I only made it through about 25 minutes of Standing Legs and then did the 35 minute hip stretch. So total workout and stretch of 1 hour. I’ll take it!

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