Meatless and Hungry!

Any advice on how to stay full? Or do I simply need to eat more often? I can’t tell if I’m eating less calories at my meals, but they definitely don’t keep me sustained. I try to get protein with things like beans/rice combo, peanut butter, etc. And good fats with natural peanut butter, avocados, etc. But I’m ravenous all the time, which means I make some random not-so-great choices (like hitting the vending machine, or grabbing a veggie sandwich because I can’t wait to make dinner).

Tonight I’m going to try stirfry with a Thai stirfry sauce and some roasted tofu for protein. Of course I’ve read tofu isn’t a great choice because of some issue with soy possibly causing cancer. But I feel myself derailing, so I need to figure out some options here or I’ll probably give up.

I honestly don’t miss meat. And I thought I was hungry all the time before. But now? It really is ALL THE TIME! Peanut butter seems to be the only thing getting me through. But that’s not really a balanced diet!


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