Push Ups – Challenge Extended

In a recent post, I talked about some of my favorite things about exercise. I mentioned push ups with a very meager goal (1-20 push ups, of course progressing through each). And a reader, Ivanna, commented, suggesting I try the site hundredpushups.com. I know it seems simple: start out with a few push ups, and work up to a lot of push ups. But when you’re as weak as I am, it’s really hard to get started, even though there was a time I did just under 20 push ups in one setting. Perfect form push ups none-the-less! But for some reason seeing how weak I am was intimidating, and doing one or two push ups seemed silly. But, I started week one, day one last night. I did four sets of two (yes two, T-W-O, 2) or three push ups last night. And trust me, that was a struggle. I did them during a show’s commercials so I got plenty of rest in between. But I did all four sets. I got to the fifth set of “do as many as you can.” And I did five. FIVE PUSH UPS! Seriously, day one, already marked two goals off my list? Boom.

Tonight’s a rest night, then tomorrow night I’m trying day two. All of those sets less than five push ups a piece, so it’s not as daunting as it was when I looked at the first week initially.

I feel like I can do this. I’ll check back, though, when it gets hard. Seems that’s the easiest time to quit! :-)

Oh, and I’m not sure if doing the easiest round is supposed to get me to 100 push ups, but I’ve revised my goal from 20 to 50.


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