Do Diet Drinks Cause You To Be Fat? Or Do You Drink Them Because You Already Are?

It’s possible I’ve already covered this topic. But every time I see trends about diet drinks causing people to be fat, I cringe. Mostly because I’m not convinced the drinks CAUSE it. I think the two are related because people who want to lose weight drink diet pop. At least that’s how it happened for me. When I gained weight the first time, when I finally decided I wanted to lose my sister brought me a Diet Coke and asked me to try it. I was the girl who said how gross diet pop tastes. How it has an awful taste, etc. And I’d rather drink 160 calories of a “real” pop than drink diet pop. Meanwhile, I kept complaining about not being able to lose weight… You know, bite the hand that makes you fat!

But I reluctantly, and mostly because she was standing right in front of me, opened the Diet Coke and took a drink. It wasn’t awful. It wasn’t as good as a real Coke, Pepsi or any other “real” cola, but maybe I COULD drink it. In the almost ten years since then I’ve grown to love diet pop. I don’t like ALL diet pop. But I like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, especially in fountain drink form or from a plastic bottle (in the can, I don’t care for either – I have no idea why, I know it’s the same formula). I also LOVE Diet Cherry 7UP. If only it had caffeine in it!

So what’s my point? The whole reason I started drinking diet pop was because I was ALREADY fat, and wanted to be less fat. Or at least stop getting fatter. I never would have considered it or drank it had I remained at my thinner weight. Did it help me lose weight? I have no idea. I think shaving that 160 calories a day (or some days probably more), didn’t hurt my weight loss progress. But had I not lost weight, it wasn’t diet pop that was keeping me fat. And it wasn’t diet pop that caused me to gain the weight back. Rather it was cheeseburgers, pizza, cheese dip and beer. And not making exercising a priority.

So my point is, people who drink diet pop often drink it BECAUSE they’re fat. It’s not fair to assume the diet pop CAUSES us to be fat. We already were, that’s why we’re drinking it!


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