MIA – But Only Online

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently. But I promise I’ve been working out and eating right. In fact, this week (the week after Thanksgiving) I hit a new low weight, FINALLY seeing 185 (which for some reason feels really great). I’ve been really pushing myself the past few weeks, focusing a LOT on food, and getting in those tougher workouts. In fact, I’ve been sore for two days from my workout on Monday. Yippee! I know food is my biggest culprit in why I’ve lost less than 20 pounds this year despite sticking to regular workouts and eating “better.” Sometimes “better” isn’t good enough. Especially with my social life that seems to revolve around food and alcohol. I finally realized that the weight obviously wasn’t coming off by eating “pretty well” 80% of the time, and I needed to fully commit. For good. So now I’m trying to eat “great” that 80% of the time and not feel guilty but make “pretty good” choices when I have a birthday party, bachelorette party, holiday or family gathering, or just time out with friends. And when I do workouts, REALLY hit them, even if the workouts are shorter.

And so far, it’s actually working! It’s definitely a struggle, but I’ve seen positive improvements (negative scale numbers) for three straight weeks. I’ll take it.

And it’s perfect timing. I’m about three weeks from the one year anniversary of starting out “the last time.” Meaning, changing my life for good. No excuses. If I fall off the wagon, get back on. If I fall down a few steps of a flight of stairs, do I get up and throw myself down the rest? Nope, I get up, brush myself off (make sure no one saw me!), and walk down the rest!

I’ll be posting 1 year numbers on the 17th. I’m excited to see my progress!!


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