Food and Tabatas and Progress, Oh My!

I made my own protein/energy bars tonight. There’s an option to add dried cranberries or blueberries, and then a note about dark chocolate. I ended up doing one bar (which is a half a serving) of 85% cocoa chocolate, and then the remaining 1/2 cup I used dried prunes. I chose prunes because they were the only dried fruit I could find without added sugar. And I’m not normally a huge almonds fan, but I also made some spicy almonds. I’ll see how both turn out tomorrow when snack time comes around!

In the meantime, I keep re-committing to “more protein” at each meal and snack. I even bought a pork tenderloin and a lean piece of steak tonight.I plan to use both on big salads and for meat and veggie dinner meals. Maybe even throw them in omelets in the morning.

I also read a post by one of my favorite blogs, Nerd Fitness, today about the eleven things he’s learned in eleven years. It was a very good post, and reminded me that you learn by trial and error, and that failing often is more important than success. It’s no fun to be wrong, but sometimes the only way to grow is to do it wrong, fail, and re-vamp. The biggest take away I got from the article was how he simplified his lifting. I have gotten bogged down and seem to worry way too much about the details, taking the fun and ease out of working out. So I’ve redesigned my Tabata workouts around his three days of strength moves (adding in my own simple cardio moves). My Tabatas are 4 minutes each (20 seconds on 10 off, for 8 rounds), and I do six total set. With a one minute rest between each, a 30 minute workout. I do one strength move and one cardio move per Tabata. So focusing on the specific moves he gave actually made everything easier!

I try to do three per week, but with the bootcamp I’m going to doing the same thing, I end up with four per week. Although the bootcamp ones are shorter, and I usually end up donig another workout those days anyway.

And for pullups and chinups, I’m going to start doing the inverted rows (differing hand placement for each) he recommends trying inverted rows instead of assisted pullups/chinups, which I’ve been doing, but am VERY frustrated with lack of progress.

So, that’s that!

Tonight’s Tabata (this is the clock I use):

Set 1

Set 2
Plies with weights
Fast side-steps

Set 3
Forward jump

Set 4

Set 4
Weighted squats
In and out bunny hop

Set 6
Bench Press
Jump squats



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