Success Stories!

I LOVE reading success stories. Do I have any readers out there who would like to share their success story? We can do it in an interview format, or you can simply write up your own story to publish. Of course pictures are always nice, too!

For those of you who also love success stories, what would you like to see included? Some of my personal favorite tidbits are:

  • What you eat on a regular day. What eating philosophy have you followed? (Counting calories, going vegan/vegetarian, counting carbs, eliminating sugar, etc.) And most importantly, have you changed your eating now that you’re maintaining?
  • What’s your workout routine like? Give us a generic week’s worth of workouts, if you follow a specific plan. I tend to be a little erratic in my workouts. Somedays I’ll do videos (the older Firms and Cathe are my favorites), other days I’ll go out for a run or bike ride, then there are times I get on a kick of non-video workouts. Like right now I’m doing Tabata workouts at home or at my work’s fitness center.
  • If you had a turning point, what was it?
  • What were your big stumbles along the way?
  • What were your biggest struggles?
  • Was there something you finally had to give up compromising on and change for good?
  • If your journey was a set amount of time, how long did it take?
  • And most importantly, if you’ve reached your goal weight/size, what’s your plan for maintenance?

These are just some ideas! You don’t have to answer them all, or if you have other suggestions of things you like to read, what are they? We want to see YOU! Tell us your imperfections, tell us your biggest struggles, let your personality shine through!


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